Muradım Fancy Fashion - Muradım is a fancy yarn and fabric manufacturer.

MURADIM is a Turkey based fancy yarn and acrylic fiber supplier for the textile industry. As a family business, third generation is on the management and planning to expand the business on a vertical basis as well as horizontal. Currently, the plant employs 40 employees and has a capacity of 1200,000 KGs of fiber and 1000,000 KGs of fancy yarn per year.

Our yarns are used in different industries but mainly in; upholstery fabrics, knitwear, garment fabrics, hand knitting and curtains. Manufacturing these yarns has also made us available to gather knowledge in creating different kinds of upholstery and other kinds of fabrics in order to show our yarns’ looks. One of MURADIM’s suppliers is AKSA which is in the top 10 Acrylic fiber producer in the world. Other than fiber, MURADIM uses top quality wools, mohair and polyamide materials to blend in with acrylic. We do also add on different types of materials to our yarns such as long staple fibre viscose, long staple fibre poliester.

We operate in 3 different departments. First is the Combing Department. This department prepares the fibers into different blends with acrylic, mohair, wool or etc. Second department is the fancy yarn department that operates Saurer Allma and Mispa , 8 machines. In this department we turn the blended fibers into fancy boucles, flames, frises and other types. The last department includes the quality control and vaporizing. We also process brushing machines if needed.

We guarantee the quality under the name of our 32 year old core company MURADIM TEKSTİL SAN TİC AŞ. We know the importance of Quality-Variety-Service trio and we work hard to please the needs of our customers. Our yarns are guaranteed worldwide since they are produced on a professional basis and the raw materials are gathered from top suppliers.


Our vision is to become a world company with end-user products and support our National GDP.


We declare that we are delivering the best service and quality with the best value. Having this considered as the prior mission, our overall goal is to shift our product range to individual consumers without losing our competitiveness on quality, variety and service.